Saturday, April 30, 2016

Which Subject I should Choose to do my Bachelor or Master's Degree from USA - Urdu / Hindi

This video is for the students who understand urdu and hindi language. It explains following items

  • What subject or majors I should choose for Bachelor or Master's Degree in USA
  • If you have already done your Bachelor's degree, is it good idea to change your field for master's degree
  • Why it is import to choose a right majors when you are going for higher education in USA
  • What Occupations are in demand for international students in USA
  • Taking a look into H1B Visa to find which professions are in demand
  • Why STEM ( Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics) majors are important
  • What is OPT and how much duration is after Bachelor's degree or Master's degree
  • How many Work Visa (H1B) are offered per year in USA
  • What is process of getting H1B in USA